Q1 @ 01:00 What is the significance and importance of the holy month of Ramadhan for the Muslim world?

Q2 @ 06:10 When does the month of Ramadhan starts? And why there are differences on it among different groups of Muslims?

Q3 @ 18:30 Can you explain the close relationship of recitation and study of Holy Quran in Ramadhan?

Q4 @ 28:55 There are many in the West who looking from the outside-in when commenting on this month of fasting perhaps don’t fully appreciate the spiritual endeavour that involves but more focus on the fact that it appears to be a month of extreme physical exertion and harshness to Muslims. Could you give insight into the rationale and wisdom of fasting in this blessed month?

Q5 @ 35:10 Could you elaborate on what constitutes a journey with respective to fasting?

Q6 @ 38:45 Are there any hard and fast rules about sick e.g. if a person is diabetic?

Q7 @ 43:20 What is the Ahmadiyya Muslim view on the subject of Taraweeh prayer and Tahajjud?

Q8 @ 51:00 In the month of Ramadhan one can attain nearness to God, could you express from a personal perspective the opportunities one has to maximize benefits from this blessed month?