The Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya sets off on a start after the Jum’ah prayers. Bro Muammar introduced the Ijtema program to the Atfal. They seemed very excited to experience the ijtema with the fun-filled games and challenges that will be carried out for the two days. They were then led on a du’a by Mualim Ataoul Qudus to officially begin the ijtema. The Atfals split themselves into two houses, Nooruddin House and Bashiruddin House. The Mualim guided the Atfal and dismissed them into their respective bunks according to the houses. Mattresses and pillows were moved and the Atfals were expected to arrange their beds neatly. Such a beautiful sight to see the Atfals working together as a team to arrange and clean up the bunk. The cleanliness and tidiness of their bunks had to be inspected by the Mualim as well as Bro Razi. After the inspection, the Atfals were dismissed to take their shower before the Maghrib prayers which was followed by Dinner and the Friday Sermon screening. Many more Khuddams joined that night to watch the Friday Sermon which was held in the Multi-Purpose Hall and they registered for the ijtema. The Atfal and Khuddam dispersed into their bunks. The mentor Khuddams Bro Muammar and Bro Aziz assisted their fellow Atfal in their respective houses about the competitions and readied them for the following day. Lights out at 11pm.

Ijtema2015 Day 1

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The alarms went off, the older Khuddam woke the young Atfal up for Tahajjud prayers which was followed by Subuh prayers. After Dars Subuh, they prepared themselves for the morning walk. They warmed up first, with a few exercises led by Bro Faiz. The morning walk consisted of a walk to the park as well as a game of Dog & Bone, a battle between the two Houses. After that, we returned to the Mosque to have a quick breakfast and wash up before the indoor program started.
The indoor programs comprises the competition of Tilawat Al-Quran, Adzan, Speech as well as the Nazm. Both teams, especially the Atfal, did great for all competitions which awed the judges. After the competitions, there was a team quiz with 3 topics to choose from, Islam, Ahmadiyyat and General Knowledge. Two rounds in total and Bashiruddin House beat Nooruddin house by half a point! They proceeded on for their combined Zuhur and Asr prayers before the outdoor program.

Ijtema2015 Indoor Competitions

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The outdoor programs were throwing slippers across to reach a target. Both teams go head-to-head to see which is the first team to be able to throw their slipper using their feet to reach the target. Apparently, Bashiruddin house managed to do it first! With that, they were at an advantage for the next game which was Treasure Hunt! Bashiruddin house was given two clues to start off while Nooruddin House was given one. Red and Blue balls were scattered all over the mosque and the balls contained letters of the phrase they were supposed to guess. Nooruddin managed to find all the balls and guess the phrase.

Afterwards, everyone went for tea break and rested, while preparing for Maghrib prayers. Several Khuddam helped to prepare the barbecue pit which will be held after combined Maghrib and Isyak prayers. Sizzling sounds, smokes giving off into the atmosphere, the barbecue pit was fully set up, with delicious BBQ food. Everyone had a nice meal from the BBQ food that was mended by a few Khuddam. During the BBQ as well, the prize presentation ceremony was held. Congratulations to prize winners as well as those who had volunteered to take part in the competitions. The ijtema was closed with do’a led by Mualim Ataoul Qudus. Everyone then helped each other to clean the mosque up before heading home and saying their goodbyes.

Ijtema2001 Outdoor Competitions & Prize Giving

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